Bio-informing Urban Gardening (BUG) and the Urban Observatory

The BUG project is a pilot-scale experiment; funded by the Institute of Sustainability, Newcastle University; to investigate and implement practical solutions to minimise the potential incorporation of heavy metals originating from car emissions into urban produce.

This project, Led by Dr Claire Walsh, from School of Civil Engineering and Geoscience, was designed following concerns voiced by the local community regarding the effect traffic pollution may have on the quality and safety of crops grown in front gardens and back yards. BUG involves a range of partners and will involve ‘citizen scientists’ throughout the project. 

The Urban Observatory is supporting BUG by instrumenting the experimental areas with pervasive air quality sensors that measure CO (ppm), NO (ppb), NO2 (ppb), Sound (dBA), Humidity (%), and temperature (oC) and collecting this data on our data portal.

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