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Who we are

The Urban Observatory is a research facility based at Newcastle University.

Urban Observatory
Urban Sciences Building
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The university has its own data protection policies which also apply. We operate a number of websites, including This privacy notice applies to all our services.

How we process your data

Users of our websites and APIs

This applies to all users of our services when they visit our websites, or consume data from our APIs.

Data collection at Newcastle Helix

The Newcastle Helix site, formerly known as Science Central, includes buildings with university facilities such as the Urban Sciences Building and The Core.

Data collection in Newcastle upon Tyne

We operate hundreds of sensors in Newcastle upon Tyne, and the surrounding area. These collect measurements of air quality, meteorological conditions, energy consumption, travel times, and a range of other variables. We do not publish personal data obtained from the city, but are sometimes required to process personal data to obtain anonymised information.

Protecting your data

Our primary means of protecting your data is to avoid collecting personal data where possible. This means we regularly anonymise data when it is used for our statistics. Camera images of sufficient resolution to identify individuals are only stored for short durations, as described above, as part of our model training processes.

We will store your data securely within the EEA, and will not share your data unless we are required to do so by law.

Your right to object, access, correct, or remove your data

Please see the details on this page for more information in your legal rights, or contact for requests to access, rectify, or remove data, and any other right under the Data Protection Act 2018.

You may contact for enquiries about how we use our data.

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