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Research is at the core of the UO. All our data is published as open-data and available from the API or via download. We can also assist with the deployment of sensors for your research project and provide tools to manage and visualise your data in real-time


Get specific sensor data in geographic areas to support your research projects

Supports research by the deployment of targeted sensors


Incorporate real-time data into your models through our API

Instant Access

Instant access to download data

We manage and collate vast quantities of real-time data as well as keeping extensive archives of observations. We integrate data from our sensors and other sensor feeds and provide a single point of access to many complex data sets that can be downloaded or accessed in real-time through our API. Choose your location, choose the variables ands off you go. The data is live and refreshes second by second. Shortly we will also be providing a streaming API to enable pushing of sensor data in real-time. Integrate real-time data into your models or download historical data across many sectors.

If you are planning a research project then talk to us. Perhaps we can help with the deployment of sensors or combine deployments to provide a larger study area. We support a variety of research projects both large and small with loans of kit and bespoke deployments. We have a team of developers and technicians who have a wealth of expertise in planning, capturing, maintaining and running sensor infrastructure as well as providing software and tools to visualise and manage the data.

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