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Our data is always open and free to use. Whether you want to check out the current weather, download some observations for a school project, build your own app or use the data to provide evidence for changing your community.

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Is it intrusive?
No. Our sensors monitor the environment
Is it expensive?
No. There is no charge for using the data
What's in it for me?
Find out if it is raining or understand how your city works
Is it reliable?
There is a mix of sensor equipment with different levels of update and accuracy

How does it work?

A range of sensors are deployed around the city of various shapes, sizes and capabilities. Each sensor box houses a number of sensors. The sensors record the current conditions and transmit data wirelessly to a local base station. The local base-station transmits data to our servers which analyses, cleans and stores the data. All of this in real-time, minute by minute.

Illustration of sensor fitted to lampost

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